New Pro-Life Archbishop for Paris



Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 22:45
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A light shinning in darkness! May God grant us many holy priests.



We pray for God to send us holy priests who can be made Bishops. This one appears to be at least pro-life in his thought. Pray this turns into action. All the forces of Hell will be brought to bear on him.



For France to have any chance once again to be the Eldest Daughter of the Church, the Archbishop of Pais must be pro-life, doctrinally sound across the board (which includes being publicly opposed to the Sexual Revolution), and willing and able to promote the TLM.






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I do not know how this man slipped through Bergoglio's net to become the archbishop of Paris, but I have gone on record stating that this man is papabilia. He seems by all intents and purposes to be a good man.

May the LORD bless him and keep him orthodox, sane and sound!